Separate Your Needs from Your Desires

From my article How to Separate Your Needs from Your Desires at The Positivity Blog:

istock_000005716223xsmall.jpgIn life, there are those things we need, and those things we desire. Where we really screw ourselves up is when suddenly the things we desire, in our minds become things we need.

Needs are those things that provide for our daily existence – food, water, shelter. Human love and companionship can most certainly be described as a need, for without it the soul shrivels and withers away.

Knowing what you need and recognizing those things that are wants are an important part of any self-improvement endeavor. Needs provide for your daily existence, while wants are most likely those things that give you happiness and fulfillment.

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Thanks to Chair Tai Chi for including this article in the Carnival of Healing.

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