Need a Break? Do as Badgers Fans Do and JUMP AROUND

It’s important that we clear our heads during our increasingly-busy days. Taking our minds off the tasks before us is what recharges our batteries. I’ve shared a couple videos that model taking a break. Look at the kids jumping around in the Badgers game video.

We all know that it’s sometimes a good idea to clear our heads during our increasingly-busy days by looking up from our desks and taking a break – going for a walk, sitting in a quiet place, or even gaming on the Web. Taking our minds off the tasks, challenges, and obstacles before us often is exactly what we need to refocus our energies.

I was watching the Wisconsin Badgers game this past Saturday, and it occurred to me that the students who attend the home football games are experts at taking a break. They’ve instituted a tradition whereby they rise to their feet at the end of the third quarter and ‘Jump Around’ to House of Pain’s song of that name.

Here’s a video that we can use as a model:


For those of you who prefer baseball in October, the fans traditionally enjoy a 7th inning stretch, whereby fans rise in the middle of the 7th inning of the game to stretch their legs and muscles and walk around.

Here’s the immortal Chicago Cubs announcer Harry Caray leading the 7th inning stretch at Wrigley Field:


WorldWinner, a host to online gaming competitions, released a survey that found that 80% of respondents who play online games during the workday feel re-focused on work as a result of periodic mental breaks associated with game play, 76% report improved productivity, and 72% rely on game breaks to reduce job-related stress.

However you look at it, taking a break during the day offers us freedom from distractions, renewed vigor, and clarity.

Why not make a habit of it?

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