Kudos to Youngentrepreneur

Evan Carmichael and the gang at youngentrepreneur have made things easier when it comes to the subject of mentoring.  They’ve created Modeling Masters and it features five of North America’s most successful entrepreneurs and the secrets to their success.

In my blog post of March 12th: “Tips for Entrepreneurs” I shared with you the story of a couple of entrepreneurs from a post from the Youngentrepreneur blog. The brothers Torrens – Mathew and Adam – had offered up 5 tips for start-up entrepreneurs that could easily serve as guidelines for most anything we attempt to accomplish in life.

Their third suggestion: “Find a mentor”, is something that more and more of us are realizing the benefits of doing, but, realistically and practically, many more of us simply can’t bring ourselves to do or simply don’t make the time for.Toward that end, Evan Carmichael and the gang at Youngentrepreneur have made things easier for us. They’ve outdone themselves by running a series titled “Modeling Masters” that features 5 of North America’s most successful entrepreneurs and the secrets to their success. They’ve literally featured the lives of:

  • Sam Walton of Wal Mart
  • Ray Kroc of McDonald’s
  • Ross Perot of Perot Systems
  • Richard Branson of Virgin, and
  • Howard Schultz of Starbucks.

This series is a must-read for anyone looking for a little motivation and inspiration.

Check out Youngentrepreneur for some really interesting reading. In addition to the Modeling Masters series, they have regular profiles on young entrepreneurs, columns by plugged-in Evan Carmichael, and podcasts of interviews with entrepreneurs.

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