Kudos to Youngentrepreneur

In my blog post of March 12th: “Tips for Entrepreneurs” I shared with you the story of a couple of entrepreneurs from a post from the Youngentrepreneur blog. The brothers Torrens – Mathew and Adam – had offered up 5 tips for start-up entrepreneurs that could easily serve as guidelines for most anything we attempt to accomplish in life.

Their third suggestion: “Find a mentor”, is something that more and more of us are realizing the benefits of doing, but, realistically and practically, many more of us simply can’t bring ourselves to do or simply don’t make the time for.

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Work-Life Balance for Empty Nesters

My wife and I became empty-nesters last August when our youngest went off to college, and we’ve been adjusting our balance ever since.

Not being one to always want to have to reinvent the wheel, I asked several friends who had been through this chapter in their lives to share with me what it was like for them and what they had learned. Although the range of experiences was huge, I did garner two consensus opinions: First, that things were strange for a while. Second, that it was a wonderful time for all.

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