Freelancing as a Way to Achieve Life Balance

Giving up a corporate world job to enjoy the freedom that a freelance job can offer doesn’t come without risk. The biggest being the uncertainty of work (and income). A blog written by job recruiters, Wired & Hired, has two posts on this topic: pros and cons of freelance work and freelance or not to freelance that is the question.
Many people who have sought alternatives to the corporate world have pursued professions as freelancers. Working independently on a job-by-job basis does allow freedom and variety to choose one’s projects and hours, but it is not without its risks.

Chief among these hazards are the uncertainty of work (and income)and lack of company infrastructure and benefits.

Wired & Hired blog, a blog written by job recruiters, has two posts on this topic:

  • Pros and Cons of Freelance Work, and
  • Freelance or Not to Freelance? THAT Is The Question.

Although the Web and inexpensive telecommunications have made it easier to freelance – breaking down geographical boundaries and extending opportunities – the dollar costs and hours spent running one’s freelancing operations can weigh heavily on the self-sufficiency and flexibility one was hoping to achieve.

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