First Life Balance Poll Results Are In

Here are the results from the first poll:

What does “Life Balance” mean to you?

Flexibility and Sustainability 16% 25
Achievement, Enjoyment, and Fulfillment 24% 37
Learning and Growing 22% 34
A Lifestyle that Doesn’t Require Huge Amounts of Time and Energy to Maintain 10% 15
It Varies Over Time 10% 15
All of the Above 17% 26
Something Else 3% 4
156 votes total


As the results are far from conclusive, what, if any, assumptions can be drawn from these results?The simple fact is that life balance is whatever YOU define it to be. It’s personal and it’s different for everyone.YOU have the chance to define it for yourself, and you should.

Please be sure to vote in the current poll.

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