A Perfectly Balanced Life

Is there a formula to figure out what your ideal work-life balance is?  Dr. David Lewis a British Neuropsychologist has devised one.  As of right now he has not released any explanations to the variables but says they include time spent working, commuting, with family, exercising or sleeping.

British Neuropsychologist Dr. David Lewis claims that he has devised a formula by which anyone can calculate their ideal work-life balance.

Ready? Here it is:

(((L+As) /2) 2 + ((E+N) /2) + 2A + C + B) x (4/ (S+1))

Dr. Lewis hasn’t yet released explanations for the variables, but says that they include time spent at work or commuting and with the family, exercising or asleep.

Lewis also claimed that this is the first time a mathematical formula has been developed to calculate what makes up a person’s perfectly balanced life.

I’m certain we’ll be hearing more about this.

Any initial reactions?

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