Beware of Healthy Restaurants

Recent research at Cornell University found that people dining at “healthy” restaurants actually consume more calories than those that aren’t.

Feeling a little stuffed after yesterday’s meal?


Still cleaning up the dishes?

Don’t feel like cooking today?

Be careful if you decide to dine out.

Recent research by Cornell University has found that people ingest more calories when dining at so-called ‘healthy’ restaurants. According to a Fox News report:

“Researchers say healthy restaurants often prompt consumers to treat themselves to higher-calorie side dishes, drinks or desserts than they would normally eat at fast-food and other restaurants that do not claim to be healthy.

We found that when people go to restaurants claiming to be healthy, such as Subway, they choose additional side items containing up to 131 percent more calories than when they go for a Mcdonalds hamburger, counter intuitively more calories are consumed” said Brian Wansink, Cornell’s John S. Dyson professor of marketing and applied economics and director of the Cornell Food and Brand Lab, in a news release.”

Caveat emptor – let the buyer beware, of himself or herself.

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