Is it Time to Turn up the Heat in Your Life?

At a weekend at Cornell for a football game, there was a video shown called “212 Degrees.” In the video, the basic idea is that one extra degree of effort, whether in life or business, can separate the good from the great. No matter where you are in life or how successful and fulfilled you feel, there is always room for that extra degree of improvement and that can take your life from being hot to smokin’! You can change just one thing in your life and in the end, it ends up changing your entire life.

custadiumhalf.jpgI had the distinct honor and pleasure of joining my son the other weekend as he and his Cornell teammates and coaches prepared for a Saturday football game against Columbia.

I cannot tell you how moving this was for me. Not only did I feel honored to be asked by my son to experience this part of his life, I was also incredibly inspired and humbled by it.

The day began with a team breakfast at the Statler Hotel, located on-campus and run by students of Cornell’s School of Hotel Administration – a specialized business school for hospitality management. The camaraderie between players and coaches was incredible (as well as the meal).

Next is was on to the team meeting and position meetings (my son is an offensive lineman, so we met with others on the ‘O-Line’ and the O-Line coach).


Before the team met up with the Cornell Big Red Marching Band outside of the hotel, it was back to the auditorium for a pre-game message from Head Coach Jim Knowles.

Coach Knowles showed a motivational video by Simple Truths titled 212 Degrees. The inspirational message contained in the clip is that one extra degree of effort, in business and life, can separate the good from the great.

Here’s the video:


The premise is a great one. It is certainly appropriate to use for motivating a group of young men to perform at their best on the football field.


It also can be used to reinforce your values and beliefs, in both business and life.

Reflect on your life right as it is today. Isn’t there room for improvement? No matter who you are, where you are, where you’re going, or how happy, successful, and fulfilled you are with your life, there is always room for that extra degree of effort and progress. That extra degree will take you from hot, hot hot! to SMOKIN‘!

Are you getting the results you want to out of life? If you are, congratulations! Keep doing exactly what you’re doing (and share your experiences with me if you’re so inclined). If not, investigate the ways that you can add that one extra degree – to raise the bar on life.

Often times, by changing just one thing in your life, you can change your entire life.

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