A Charlie Brown Christmas

Charles Shultz is the creator of the Peanuts cartoon and many holiday movies as well, including A Charlie Brown Christmas.
Dina Giolitto, a great copywriter and friend, has organized a “Magical Extravaganza” for the Holiday season.

It’s called 24 Blogging Days ‘Til Christmas.


The intent of the blog event is several-fold, but the neat parts are that it hopes to get everybody fired up for the season and blogging for the 24 days leading up to Christmas, thus giving blog readers “a daily treat to snack on during the month of December.”

Today, my gift to you is a little history of Charles Schultz and A Charlie Brown Christmas.


Would it surprise you to know that Charles Schultz, the creator of the extremely successful and enduring Peanuts cartoon, battled many of the same disenchantments and struggled with self-confidence as did his comic-strip characters? He did.

Additionally, he stirred controversy with A Charlie Brown Christmas. CBS executives wanted a comedy from Schultz, but he found he couldn’t be true to himself by compromising his message. The network was reluctant to use children for the characters’ voices. Moreover, they didn’t want that religious message.

But Schultz held strong, and Charlie Brown, Lucy, Linus, and Snoopy’s version of Christmas became one of the most popular and dearly loved specials of all time, including today.

I’ll be watching it with my family in the days ahead.

A final thanks to Dina Giolitto for organizing this blog event, and to all he other bloggers who participated:

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