A Better Life: Are You Willing To Do What It Takes To Achieve It?

When you think about having a better life, what does that mean to you? It’s different for each us. The important question is, are you willing to do what it takes to attain that ‘better’ life?

We all dream of having a better life – finding a meaning in our life and pursuing our passions and goals. For some of us a better life means advancing our careers, for others it may be a path of personal discovery that leads to a better life. For others it could mean returning to school to get a degree so they can get the job they always wanted and provide for their families. A better life is achievable by anyone who wants to take the time and effort to do what it takes to attain it. A lot of people sit around talking about having a better life, but how many people are willing to put forth the effort required to actually achieve it?


The first step towards achieving a better life is to take responsibility for obtaining it. You can’t depend on your boss, the world, or anyone else to just hand you a better life. You have to commit to doing what is necessary in order to achieve it. Nobody is saying it will be easy, but the path to success starts with the commitment to success. Once you take on the responsibility for achieving it you have committed yourself to going down the path to achieving your goals. It’s a big first step but the payoff is well worth it!

So now that you have pledged to achieve your goal of a better life, just how do you go about attaining it? It takes learning and effort. You have to be willing to put forth the effort to make it happen. That may mean that you have to go back to school or study others who have achieved what you are aiming for. However, realize that knowledge and information is not in itself power – they are the tools by which you can achieve your goals. Think of them like the wrenches and ratchets of a mechanic – they alone cannot fix the car, they merely represent the tools by which the mechanic uses along with his skills and knowledge to repair the vehicle. Once you have obtained the knowledge you must use it as a stepping stone to help you achieve your success and the ideal life that you want for yourself and your family.

There are five steps that anyone can use to help them attain a better life. Each step works in harmony with the others – they are in themselves a recipe for success. By combining each of the following steps together you can achieve the life you want as long as you are committed to making it happen.

Learning and Growth

Each of us must be open to learning, not only through formal education but also through life experience and changes in the world around us. Keeping an open mind and anticipating change and trends that are happening in the world helps you grow as a person. Yesterday’s beliefs or practices may not be the same as they are today. The world is a rapidly changing place, and only those who are willing to grow as the world grows will be able to truly live a better life. You have to be open to new ideas, new ways of doing things and new changes in technology.

Allow your mind to grow and learn new things and be open for change. You may find that a whole new world exists out there that you would never have found otherwise.


The world is filled with good intentions, but how many of us commit to following them through? It isn’t enough to dream about something – you have to commit yourself to doing it. Remember, nobody is going to do it for you – you are the one who is in charge of your success and your life.

Commit yourself to making a better life for yourself and your family. At the same time commit yourself to making the world a better place through community and social involvement. It not only helps you grow as a person, it also helps you lead by doing which is a trait that every successful leader needs.


When the going gets tough, the tough get more determined! Success is not going to be easy and sometimes it may seem as if the world is just doing everything it can to make it hard for you to achieve the life that you want. When things are looking glum, put on a smile and double your determination! Hard work pays off and someone who is determined will find ways of achieving their goals – in fact, they may find ways that they didn’t know existed and open up a whole new way of thinking for themselves and others.

Never let people around you tell you that you can’t. If you find yourself surrounded by people who say that it is too hard, too difficult or just isn’t worth it to try and attain your goals, run the other way! Surround yourself with people who support you and support them as well. A positive reinforcement network goes a long way in helping you keep on track and working towards the life you always wanted.


Actions speak louder than words. Don’t be someone who speaks volumes but does very little. You have to take action to get things done. Combining action within determination is a winning formula that rarely fails. Not only will action help you achieve your goals, but it also defines you as a person who is willing to do what it takes. This is another great treat of leaders – they don’t talk, they do!

Remember, your actions define who you are. So make sure that when you are performing them you are doing what is right not only for yourself – but what is also right for those around you. It is not worth it to step on or ruin other people in order to achieve your goals. Do right and you will leave your own legacy on those around you.

Persistent Effort

Sometimes we will fail; this is part of the wonderful journey of life. Failure does not mean you should give up, but rather that you have to be persistent and gather your strength to overcome adversity. Many times people will rush forward with working towards their goals only to slowly drift away from them over time because of setbacks and other problems.

Being persistent means that you have to learn from your mistakes and know how to change your tactics to better suit your goal. It’s another part of the learning experience I talked about earlier – you learn by doing.

A better life is achievable by all of us, but we have to be willing to do what it takes in order to achieve it.

Are you ready to commit to growing your life and achieving your goals? Most importantly, are you willing to do what it takes to give you the success in life that leads to a better life?

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