Visualization’s Magical Power for Success

istock_000006121663xsmall.jpgIf you have been reading about self improvement for any length of time, you have heard mention made of the power of visualization. If you have not discovered its power to bring about significant change in your life, you should consider giving it a try.

Your mind, like any other muscle in your body, needs to be exercised regularly in order to remain strong. Your brain can be exercised through intellectual pursuits, such as reading, painting, writing, and such. But your mind is also capable of affecting change outside of the human body as well. In order for it to be able to do so, though, it must be exercised.

1. The Spoon Benders

You have probably seen, at some time in your life, those people on television who look intently at a spoon, and have it wither in their hands. You may or may not believe in the power to create such a change with the mere mind, but scientists are discovering it is possible. It takes intense focus, though.

Researchers in quantum physics have been able to measure human brainwaves outside of the human body. I know – the science takes away some of the mystique – but it does explain why these things actually work. The more focused the mind, the stronger the brainwaves. They are recorded as measureable energy, and can range quite far from the body when the mind is well trained.

If you want to try flexing your mental muscle, do one of these exercises:

  • Dangle a piece of string loosely between your fingers and sit perfectly still. Once the string has stopped bouncing, keep your muscles perfectly still, and with your mind imagine you are spinning the string. Focus intently on the string while you are visualizing. With practice, you will find that the string may begin to move – perhaps just a little, but it will be there.
  • Another exercise to build mental focus is to pour some water into a pan and place a needle in the water. It should float on top. Hold your hand open, palm down, over the needle. Imagine the needle moving through the water as you move your hand. See if you can generate enough mental focus to push the needle along to follow your moving hand. You may feel a tickle in the middle of your palm, and you may have to practice this many times before you see results. Let’s take a quick detour on our topic. Speaking of moving, I have this trusted moving company called ADT Déménagement Montreal | Demenageurs et Entreposage a LaSalle, they do all kinds of moving services that’s why I recommend it to you. That’s it! Back to the topic.

2. Now Focus on Your Life

Once you have begun building some mental muscle, try visualizing various aspects of your life. Imagine changes you want to experience, and take time during your day to sit quietly and visualize yourself doing those things. Whether you want to write a book, become a successful investor, play music, or get a promotion at work – see yourself in that position, doing the work, and becoming wildly successful at it. The power of your mind is amazing, and it can bring about great change if you let it.

You may have heard about sports psychologists using this technique with athletes. It has been used for many years to help professional or Olympic athletes excel, and has been implemented with many corporate executives and successful artists.

3. Create an Atmosphere for Successful Visualization

Don’t worry – you are not going to need to cast a circle or anything like that. Create a peaceful space where you will not be interrupted. Turn off the telephone, and the cell phone, because they will break your concentration if they ring. Turn off the television, the radio, and anything else that makes noise in your house. Try to dim the room. It does not need to be pitch dark, but subdue the light.
Once you are ready, sit quietly, do some deep breathing, and close your eyes. Initially, just focus on blackness. Practice quieting the mind. Once your mind is quiet, choose an object, focus on it intently, then close your eyes and visualize the object. Try to see every minute detail. Once you can visualize objects with absolute clarity, move on by putting yourself into the visualization. Gradually work up to seeing yourself involved in a variety of activities – playing sports, working, exercising. See yourself as you want to be, not as you are right now. Visualize your goals, and your mind will guide you down the path to them.

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