The Pursuit of Happiness

Do you think that happiness is something that can be taught? Should happiness classes be taugh right along with math and English? According to a Financial Times article from London, Lord Layard argued that it should be taught. I’ve clipped the article for you to read.


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Pursuit of happiness

“Pay attention at the back — but only if it doesn’t make you

upset.” The idea of teaching happiness in schools lends

itself irresistibly to caricature.

Recently, Lord Layard, a professor at the London School

of Economics, argued that happiness should be taught

alongside core subjects such as English and math. The

mental health and well-being of young people is important

in itself and can also help them to prepare for adult life.

But the idea of happiness lessons is a distraction.

The first problem is that happiness is not a teachable

subject. It is famously elusive and may be unattainable.

Happiness is also too varied to teach: A single set of

tools will not work for everyone.

Happiness at school cannot be taught in specific classes

or projects, but it can be spread through ethos and example.

From The Financial Times, London

We have courses in business ethics. Why shouldn’t we have courses in happiness?

Like attitude and principles, happiness can be shared only by serving as living examples. And that can be taught.

Why not offer classes to help people:

  • Discover their own path to happiness.
  • Investigate factors that affect their happiness.
  • Teach the best practices for achieving a happier life.

Why not take a class in happiness? Many people struggle with how to be happy.

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