The Glorious Power Nap

From my guest post How to Boost your Afternoon Energy with a Power Nap at Dumb Little Man:

istock_000004374164xsmall.jpgPower naps are a great way to give yourself a shot of physical and mental energy in the middle of your day. Even when you get a good night’s sleep, sometimes your body just needs a rest in the middle of the day.

The beauty of power naps is they do not have to be long, they can be done on your break at work or during your lunch hour, and they usually leave you feeling energized. Adding this one small change to your workday could boost your afternoon productivity, or give you that extra motivation to make it through your son’s baseball practice with enthusiasm.

Do not use a nap as a way to make up for a sleep deficit. Your body needs to be in deep REM sleep for a minimum amount of time so it can repair and rejuvenate itself. Rather, supplement your regular sleep schedule with a short, mid-day power nap that gives you a quick and easy shot of energy.

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