Success in 2008? It’s Achievable – And Here Is How You Can Do It!

How do you define success? Here is a re-post from my bi-monthly newsletter.

The following is a re-post from my bi-monthly newsletter.

How do you define success? Are you successful when you achieve your goals you set out in life? Or do you feel successful even when you haven’t achieved them all, but are working towards them and feel good in life? The truth is, for each one of us we have a different definition of success. There are even people out there who believe that they are never truly 100% successful in life – that it is a constant procession towards success that makes them who they are. No matter how you define success, there are a number of handy tips as originally published in Success Magazine that you can use to help make 2008 the year you either achieve your own success – or continue in your path towards success.


First, you have to decide to be successful. 

This may sound strange, but for many of us we really don’t put forth the effort to be successful. We lack the inspiration, goal setting and ambition to set our lives up to be successful. Luckily, all of these can be easily changed. Once you have decided to be successful you will find that it becomes much easier to actually achieve some of your ambitions and goals. You just have to take that first step – no one can make you successful without you wanting to be successful.

Next, you have to have goals, plans and actions to outline your steps to success. Think of it as a road map to get you from where you are now in life to where you want to be. The road map can have both short-term and long-term goals on it. You should make sure that whatever map you come up with is achievable and realistic – for example, “winning the lottery” is a nice goal, but is highly unlikely to happen.

What makes you tick? In other words, what drives you? Find your passion and you will find your inspiration. You won’t be simply working anymore; you will be doing what you love to do on a daily basis. Often we discover that our passions are miles apart from what we are doing in life – they can often make us realize that we’ve gotten off track in our lives and help us get back on the road to our personal success.

Surround yourself with things that motivate you towards success. Be it books, CD’s or other material that reinforces your drive to be successful. This could also include surrounding yourself with friends who believe in what you are doing and are encouraging you every step of the way. What we are trying to do here is to program your mind to zero in on making your life a success by filling it with positive reinforcements.

Do you know someone who is a success and that you admire? What traits do they have that you might be able to borrow? Many times successful people have their own role models in which they have sculptured their own life and success around.

Master the fundamentals, the rest will be easy. Most of what makes anything successful is made up of a handful of fundamentals. Once you’ve identified your own personal path to success figure out what makes up the fundamentals of achieving that success. Do you want to be a doctor? A fundamental would be going to medical school. Is owning a organic farm something you dream of doing? Then enrolling in a class or two about farm management is a good start and one of the basic fundamentals to making that happen!

The mind and body work together – so now that you have your mind in top shape, let’s turn your attention to your body. Make your health your top priority in your life and get off your rear end! You’ll not only find that the ideas and creativity flow much easier when your body is in top shape, but you will also enjoy a longer, more productive life because of it.

Don’t forget those around you – family and friends, even co-workers. Don’t be one of those who claw their way to the top off the sweat and hard work of others. Make sure you always have time for family and friends. Thank those that help you and in return help them out when they need it as well. You will be a better person because of it.

Finally, make a difference. The world doesn’t need another greedy rich person who cares only about themselves – we got enough of those already. Make a difference in what you do and to those around you. Leave this earth a little better off than you found it and the people around you smiling more than when you first met them. Create a legacy of you and no matter what you will always be a success no matter what road in life you take.

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