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Slow Down and Experience the Real Meaning of the Holiday Season

by David Bohl

Amazingly, the holidays are upon us again. It feels as though this time of year comes so fast, turns our lives upside down and is over before we know it. Sometimes it’s hard to be fully present in the moment when we’re overwhelmed and stressed about gift giving, tons of parties to attend, and juggling our families through it all. It helps to step back and take it all in. Slow Down and enjoy the holidays.

Giving is better than receiving…

Make time for others. The good deeds you do will not only help others but really allow you to experience the true meaning of the holidays. Why not volunteer at a soup kitchen, organize a toy drive for underprivileged children or even make time at your child’s school for fun activities? Even simple gestures like baking cookies for your elderly neighbors or inviting those without families to visit during the holidays can be ways to give to others what they would have missed this year.

Peace on earth…

Do you and your neighbor have an ongoing feud concerning your property line or an overgrown tree? Do you not really know your neighbors at all because you work crazy hours? Haven’t seen the in laws in some time, and you’re sort of happy about that? Make the extra effort. Shovel your neighbor’s driveway as a peace offering. Introduce yourself to your new neighbors with a gift of cigars or homemade brownies. Extend the olive branch and offer to host at your home this year. Realize that you are also an x-factor that can change your relationships.

Goodwill toward man…

Spread the good cheer! A positive attitude in your professional and personal life can definitely bring out the best in people. Make the extra effort to find the positive angle in situations that may not appear to be so great. Involve your family and coworkers in decision making. Find what it is that they want to do and attempt to incorporate it into “the plan.” If your workmate feels that his approach toward a client or situation might be the best way, let him try before (or even IF) you need to use your own approach. Have your children decide on, and then plan for, a family outing. Enjoy spending time together and focus on just being with them, rather than whatever is on your holiday to-do list!.

Let it snow…

Stock up your cupboards with the fixings for holiday treats and cocoa. Enjoy the season… enjoy the snow and the early evenings. Go sledding and skating… warm up in front of the fire, and spend time with those that you love. Pull out the seasonal favorites: It’s a Wonderful Life, A Christmas Carol, The Santa Clause… plan a movie night with your spouse or even the whole family! Pop popcorn, have a few hot toddies… find simple reasons to enjoy the season! If you are looking for the best custom ski boot fitting, Big Bear Lake, CA are the best in ski equipment sales and snowboard equipment for the winter season.

There’s No Place Like Home…

For the holidays, make an effort to get together with loved ones, near and far. Sure, the traffic might be terrific and maybe it’s been so long that you’d just as soon stay home. But it’s important to make the effort — especially with family, as they are the roots of who you are and where you came from. Reconnecting with cousins, aunts, uncles, nephews and nieces can be a refreshing and fun alternative to your daily grind.

Slow down and enjoy the holidays. Though they do come once a year… make this year count!

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