Mastering the Art of Living: Happiness, Success, and Fulfillment

Here are my ideas on what I think it takes to live the life we want, areas I think are really important.

I have been giving some thought to what it means to be a master of life. I think “mastering” life breaks down into four areas, and I want to give some attention to each of these areas. I hope that people will think and talk about these ideas. We can all benefit from discussing what it takes to live the life we want, and these are some areas I think are really important.

1. Relationships: I think it’s too bad that “relationships” has become a buzzword for romantic relationships, because we’re all in so many relationships at any one time, and each of these has so much impact on our lives, that I think we should give some attention to each of these in our lives.

When we talk about relationships, let’s talk about our best friends, our spouse, our kids, the people we work with. Let’s make each of these relationships as strong and as important as we can. Let’s build up relationships that build us up, and that build up the other person in the relationship, as well.

2. Emotional well-being: Sometimes it’s hard to really attend to our emotions, control or avoid stress, and take care of ourselves emotionally. Sometimes, besides just finding it hard, we don’t feel it’s really all that important. But I think taking care of our emotions, dealing with things as they come up, and being happy, fulfilled and content, are all related.

3. Mental sharpness and acuity: I read all the time. I know people who don’t read, but who watch documentaries on television, or listen to books on tape. I know people who write and people who don’t write. What I have noticed in all the people I know who are happy and fulfilled in their lives is that they improve their minds. Sure, they watch “junk” on television and play videogames. But they also learn and grow mentally. I think that’s one of the keys.

4. A healthy relationship with work. I put this last only because I think most people tend to focus too much on work and career issues. I do believe a healthy relationship with our work is one of the most important factors in “mastering” the art of living.

Not just work, though. Definitely having a good relationship with our work. Doing work we love, that fulfills our life purpose. Some people are happy having work they like, and fulfilling their life purpose outside of work. Either way, work needs to fit into our lives in a way that keeps us moving forward, content with our lives.

Life is going to be tough sometimes. That’s the nature of life. We’re not always going to be just absolutely happy and ecstatic about the way things are going. And I don’t think that should be our goal.


I think mastering the art of living means being on-track most of the time, being generally content, having some peace of mind, and being fulfilled, overall.

How can you master the art of living for yourself?

  • Find one thing in each of the four areas that needs work in your life.
  • What can you do about each of those things?
  • Start today.

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