March Madness: Cinderella, Tons of Snow, and The Day Football Died

Is it over yet?

March hasn’t been a very good month for Wisconsinites. Witness the following:

1. Although our prized Badgers made it into the Sweet 16 of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament, they were taken down by Cinderella team Davidson Friday night in a convincing 16 point win for the Wildcats, thus thwarting an Elite Eight appearance for our home team.

2. This has been one of the most brutal winters for Wisconsin, as we’ve shoveled more snow than at any time, except one season, in the history of snowfall record-keeping. As others experience the signs of spring, we’re still waiting for the ice on the lakes to melt.

3. And then there was The Day That Football Died – Brett Favre’s retirement on March 5th after 17 seasons with the Packers – which sent the manliest of men and strongest of women into counseling for depression. Annette Summersett, a lifelong Green Bay Packers fan and temporarily displaced resident of da Yooper (pronounced duh Yoopur – a description of someone who lives in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula), offers this tribute to Brett Favre and The Day Football Died:


How can it get any worse? Please make it stop!

April cannot come soon enough.

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