Life Balance for Entrepreneurs

It’s hard to balance work and private life especially on days like the bizarre snow day in mid State New York.  Get a copy of the report Life Balance for Entrepreneurs with Families to help you balance your work and family time. I hope all of you in the Midwest and Northeast weren’t deterred from sharing your Valentine’s Day wishes with those near to your hearts in the face of the weather we experienced this week. My son’s school in mid state New York experienced their first snow day in their entire 144 year existence yesterday. Needless to say, there was much celebrating going on!

For those of you like me – entrepreneurs with families trying to juggle work and private time – there’s great news!

I’ve just completed a report titled “Life Balance for Entrepreneurs with Families”. It will be available for download on the Web site late next week. Anyone wanting a FREE pre-release copy can email me.

Stay warm!

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