How To Use The Power of Intention For Success

istock_000004916052xsmall.jpgIntentions differ from desires, and consciously focusing on your intentions can go a long ways toward achieving success. Simply put, intentions are goals. Another way to look at intentions is as thoughts that help us fill a need. The need can be such things as money, property, love, or relationships. The main purpose of our goals or intentions, though, is to eventually be happy or fulfilled.

In contrast, desire is the act of attaching feelings to a goal. We may desire something without ever achieving it. An important step towards fulfilling your goals is to realize that desire is passive, while intentions imply action. Once you can separate your intentions from your desires, there are a few things you need to do to make those intentions work for you:

1. Banish Negative Thoughts

Most people develop goals, then are overrun with thoughts as to why they cannot achieve their goals. Sometimes we subconsciously have negative feelings about our ability to achieve a goal which we are not even aware of. Even so, our unconscious beliefs have a way of manifesting themselves into reality, so it is important to examine your own feelings about your goals and intentions. Once you discover the negative thoughts you have associated with a particular intention or goal, you can work to transform them into positive ones.

Renowned psychologist Carl Jung once said, “What you are unconscious of will become your fate.” Take a moment to write your intentions out, then write down the feelings you associate with your intentions. Do not edit your feelings before writing them out. Examine them and see where your negative beliefs or feelings are. Only then can you take steps to make them positive.

2. Destroy Your Ego

Your ego is how you feel about yourself, who you are, and what you do. We tie our feelings of success to those things that define our egos – what we have and how others think of us. We tend to define ourselves by what we do not have, rather than by what we do have. In order to achieve your goals through your intentions, you must become aware of your own ego, how you view yourself, and how you find your self worth. Learn to value yourself by the good things you have in your life already, rather than by what you are missing.

Only when you can separate your ego from your goals or intentions are you truly free to succeed.

3. Focus on Your Intentions

Most people tend to focus on what they do not have, or what they do not want, rather than what they do have or what they do want. Again, this type of negative thinking becomes self fulfilling. In order to achieve your goals, think of them in a positive light. Rather than tell yourself you cannot do something, or do not have enough of something, focus on your intention. Tell yourself that you are going to fulfill your goal, and allow that positive focus to be your driving force towards fulfillment.

Take some time and decide what would bring you happiness and fulfillment in life – a fancy car, a loving family, a fast-paced career, or a lot of money in the bank. Do not base your happiness on what your friends or family expect from you, or what you believe is acceptable in society. Dig down deep inside and examine your own heart to determine where your happiness comes from.

Once you know what will bring you happiness, write down your intentions to get there. Start each sentence with, “I am going to…” Make each intention a positive affirmation of ability and action. Once you have been able to identify exactly what you want out of life and how to get there, you will have created your own personal roadmap to bring you success. Whenever you find yourself doubting your own abilities, repeat your intentions to yourself positively. Negative thoughts creep up on everyone, and you must be able to not only identify them when they appear, but turn them around and make positive affirmations from them. It is amazing just how much that simple shift in state of mind can affect the outcome of your efforts.

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