Are You Fully Expressing Your Unique Nature?

Not everyone thinks about whether or not they are expressing their unique nature. However, if you find yourself experiencing any dissatisfaction with your job, your relationships, or any area of your life, you may want to look at this issue. When we express who we are, what makes us unique, what makes our hearts soar, it’s unlikely we’ll have much dissatisfaction in what we do and how we show up in life.

istock_000005576548xsmall.jpgEach day, you might want to look at how you are expressing yourself. Before you go to bed each night, look back on the day to see if you were true to yourself, your values, and your beliefs. Did you do anything to express your passions, your interests, or your special talents? Although you might not express the full range of who you are all the time, parts of your unique nature show up in different ways. It might be at your work, with your family and friends, or in the way you spend your leisure time.

In order to fully express your unique nature, you need to know who you are at the core of your being, and how you wish to participate in the world. Ask yourself if you are happy with who you are. Do you wake up each day feeling good about the person you are and the life you live? If you can’t answer these questions with a definite “YES,” then you may not be living a life that expresses your true nature.

Spend some time alone and ask yourself questions that will give you a glimpse into your unique nature. Think about what you love to do that expresses who you are. Is it through an artistic endeavor such as music, writing, or other hobbies? Is it through the creativity you express in your business? Is it through relationships with friends, family, and co-workers?

We all have a unique path of self-expression. Look at your past and recall how you have expressed yourself that brought you great satisfaction. Are you spending time now doing those activities you have always loved that express your nature, or are you too busy with the routines and habits of daily life? Do you spend so much time at work that you have little time for personal expression or to even figure out how you want to express yourself?

Have you ever noticed the face of someone deep into expressing their passion? Whether they are painting, cooking, dancing, or teaching, they are in bliss as they express their unique nature. When you are expressing your unique nature, your attitude will improve as will all areas of your life. You’ll be more accepting, appreciative, and at peace. You’ll be less stressed when you spend more time doing more of what you love and are good at. Everyone from business associates, partners, and customers will see the difference in you. You will be true to who you are whether at work or play. When you are fully expressing your unique nature, everyone and everything around you will celebrate with you.

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