Have We Heard the Last About Outsourcing?

How would you feel about working two days a week and having the other five off? According to The Five Day Weekend Movement that’s exactly what the goal is. Doesn’t that seem a bit extreme? It appears that each year people are working more and more which results in overwork. Here are just a couple of stats to give you something to think about – More than 570 million vacation days in 2006 were wasted by Americans, U.S. workers use about 10 vacation days a year when on average they are given 14 days. In an attempt to stop this trend and reverse it The Five Day Weekend Movement is aiming and going for a Five Day Weekend.
Here I am back to talk about outsourcing yet again and I don’t think we’ve heard the last of it yet. Check out what the slow leadership blog had to say in a post titled outsourcing: more hype than substance?

Have I talked enough about outsourcing yet?

Here’s what the Slow Leadership blog wrote in a post titled “Outsourcing: more hype than substance?”:

“Most management fads and fashions turn out to be based on snake-oil. Outsourcing, it seems, is already showing unexpected drawbacks. According to new research, far from saving organizations money, IT and business processing outsourcing deals end up costing them far more than the work would have done had it been kept in-house; while as many as two thirds of large outsourcing contracts start to fall apart before the end of their contract terms. Not surprisingly, the only people to make real money out of outsourcing were the people actively pushing the idea: the consultants.”

Here’s a link to the story they’re citing.

I don’t think we’ve heard the last of this yet.

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