Down Economy Got You Way Down? Now is the Best Time to Do Some Personal Analysis

We all see what’s going on in the world.

The markets and economy are in the tank. Foreclosures, hiring freezes, salary cuts, and layoffs are a given.

We’re hunkered down in our bunkers waiting for the storm to blow over.  Is that the right appoach?


Think about this:  When businesses feel the heat of the bad economy and decreasing sales, do they hunker down?  No!  They get very proactive.  They look for ways to cut costs and increase efficiencies.


Take this time to engage in some self-assessment instead of using all your energy for self-preservation.

istock_000005985442xsmall.jpgBuild some self-confidence, self-equity, and a foundation for your future – so that you can handle good times and bad.

Now is the best time to enagage in a concentrated period of personal evaluation.

  1. Figure out where you are and where you want to go.
  2. Add things to your life that are imprtant to you.
  3. Get rid of the things that just aren’t working anymore.

You don’t have to take it on the chin and allow the bad economy to control every aspect of your life.

Come out of the basement.  Take control.  Empower yourself!

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