Do Men Overvalue WORK-Balance and Undervalue LIFE-Balance?

David Zinczenko, Editor in Chief of Men’s Health magazine, has some interesting thoughts on this very question in an article titled “Why Do Men Spend So Much Time At Their Jobs”.

In a nutshell, Mr. Zinczenko explains in a different and more lighthearted way what I’ve written about in my article: Work-Life Balance for Men.

Here’s an excerpt from my article:

“Sometimes it’s tough being a man. You’re expected to do your job or run your business, support your family, be a good husband and father – and all while keep your mouth shut about any emotions you have, especially if they’re negative.”

But here’s the thing—: the key lies in that little word above, “expected.”

A whole lot of the misery that many men endure comes from trying to live up to external expectations.”

Living a well-balanced life starts by freeing yourself of the expectations set by others. It is about living life on your own terms, setting your own goals, and living up to your own expectations.

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