Dare to Discover Your Intimate Nature

A sad but true fact is that when your life’s work life balance falls out of line, one of the first things to go is a healthy sex life. This is especially true for women, who tend to fulfill their desires with work rather than play. Any longing for the sensual is replaced by the need for success, and every bit of the body’s energies is directed towards work.

istock_000006043010xsmall.jpgUnfortunately this can be the beginning of a downward spiral leading to bigger and more serious problems down the road. Ignoring the importance of intimacy can develop into marital problems, stress, and depression. The human soul needs closeness, whether the conscious mind is willing to admit it or not. Giving due attention to your own erotic needs goes a long ways towards maintaining a positive attitude, increased self confidence, and a healthy work life balance.

Even during those times when you think you are too tired to care about such things, recognize their importance and make time to nurture your intimate relationships. In the long run you will maintain a closer relationship with your spouse or life partner, your overall outlook on life will be greatly enhanced, and you will receive greater happiness and fulfillment from life.

1. Make Play Dates

No matter how hectic your schedule may be, carve out opportunities to engage in a little friendly playtime with your partner. Even if you have to schedule a “date” to do so, partake in closeness and intimacy on a regular basis.

Even if you do not believe you are in the mood, ease into it slowly. Start off with a romantic dinner, a glass of wine, or try giving each other back or foot massages. Engaging in romantic activities lights the fires that lead to even greater desire and intimacy.

2. Engage Your Fantasies

Whether or not you feel comfortable sharing these secrets with someone else is no reason to ignore this aspect of your personality. Everyone has ideas and images they find stirring, and it is healthy to explore such ideas, as long as they do not cause harm to others. Allow your mind to wander into the realm of fantasy and examine what you find appealing and exciting. Create an erotic story starring you as the main character. If you are comfortable, share it with your partner – maybe even act upon it.
Engaging in fantasy adds intrigue and interest to any relationship, and many of these ideas can be explored with someone you trust. In fact, sharing such things with your partner deepens the bonds of trust and intimacy in the relationship and serves to draw you closer together.
Daring to engage your erotic thoughts also helps stimulate your drive for intimacy, giving you the desire and energy you need to engage in romantic playtime after a long day.

3. Try Something New

They say variety is the spice of life, and nowhere is that more true than in the bedroom. If you are not careful, routines can take over in there just as they can in other aspects of your life, giving what should be an exciting and pleasurable experience a sense of monotony and sameness.

Dare to be creative and adventurous. Use your imagination. Role play, or come up with other games that add spice and freshness to your intimate encounters. Take you adventures to places other than the bedroom. Be willing to explore your partner’s wishes, and just let go and have fun.

The importance of keeping intimacy alive in any relationship cannot be understated. It is also the one aspect that needs the most attention when both partners lead busy lives, especially when the work life balance becomes misaligned.

Keep in mind the importance of nurturing your romantic relationship, and recognize that it is vital in maintaining not only the health of that relationship, but in maintaining your own physical and emotional health as well. Denying this part of your personality leads to many physical and psychological side effects that can be damaging – to your body and your mind. It is necessary to engage in a little erotic play from time to time to keep your confidence high, your energy up, and your mood light. Just a little attention to this one important detail will go a long ways towards helping you maintain a healthy life balance. Thank you for reading, make sure to check the Uvu performance fleshlight review from UVU.

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