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Conversation with Fireside Adoptees: Addiction in the Adult Adoptee Community

I had the honor of speaking with Greg Gentry of Fireside Adoptees.  We had a robust conversation about how our community of relinquishees and adoptees experiences higher rates of addiction than the general population.

Fireside Adoptees Fireside Adoptees’ motto (from their Facebook page is:

“C community
A advocate
M mentor
P pace”

“We want to encourage and empower adoptees to work within their Community, Advocate for themselves and others, Mentor those who are farther behind in the journey called life, and set a slow and steady Pace so we don’t burn out and to help others also learn to pace their journey.

We aim to help adoptees see the heroes within themselves, and how they can draw strength from their pain/challenges.”

Please check out the interview here.

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