Completing My Life – One Day at a Time

In your life you should never leave things unsaid and you should always thank the people that have helped you along in your life.  Continue to look for ways to become more fully aware and to complete your life as you live day to day.

On this Christmas day, I’d like to take the opportunity to thank some of my fellow bloggers for the huge, positive contributions they’ve made to my life (whether they know it or not).

You see, some time ago, while reflecting on the regrets that I had accumulated over my forty-some years on this earth, I decided that uppermost in my mind was the fact that I hadn’t always made the time, and put forth the effort, to articulate to people in my life the things I want them to hear and know. This meant that my life, to me, was incomplete.


I resolved right then and there never to leave things unsaid, and I’ve been working to fulfill that oath ever since. I want to notice, recognize, compliment, and affirm the people and instances in my life that matter.

This will help me, hopefully, to never think: “I wished I had said _________ to _________.”

Today, I’d like to express the following:

Thanks to Tama Kieves for her gentle, tender, and affirming self.

Thanks to Jay White at Dumb Little Man for offering me the opportunity to share my views with his readers, and for helping us all to find a better way.

Thanks to Peter at I Will Change Your Life for allowing me to reach out to his readers with my thoughts, and for helping us all to live a better life.

Thanks to Anita Campbell at Small Business Trends for allowing me to write to her readers: fellow small business people like myself, and for helping small business to navigate in this ever-changing world.

Thanks to Penelope Trunk for being the epitome of transparency, honesty, and humility, putting herself out there for the entire world to see so that we can relate and learn from her experiences, good and bad.

Thanks to Judy Martin for affirming each and every one of us as vital, remarkable human beings wherever we may be – at home, at work, and in our communities.

Thanks to Tony Fitzpatrick for helping me to see things that I wasn’t willing to see.

Thanks to Dana Glazer and his Evolution of Dad project for affirming all of us fathers in our efforts to be positive, nurturing, and involved in our childrens’ lives.

Thanks to Susan K. Wehrley for living the spirit of empowerment and sharing it with others.

Thanks to Dina Giolitto for her perspective and always-smiling disposition.

Thanks to Chris Yeh at Adventures in Capitalism for sharing with me his precious insights, experiences, and love for life.

Thanks to Jeff Larche at Digital Solid for his energy, enthusiasm, inspiration, insights, and integrity.

Thanks to Leo Babauta at Zen Habits for not only reminding us that simpler is often better, but by showing us by practicing what he preaches in all his affairs.

Thanks to Craig Wilson at Escape the Rat Race for his sincerity, honesty, and unquestionable desire to live a good life and make a difference to those around him. Thank you, Craig, for making me a part of your life.

Thanks to Gretchen Rubin at The Happiness Project for her real-time memoir about finding happiness in the most unlikely places, as well as under our very noses.

Thanks to John Wesley at Pick the Brain for both helping me to think and making me think.

Thanks to Karen Salmansohn at Be Happy Dammit! for making self-appraisal – and life – fun.

Thanks to Ben Casnocha for his unbridled enthusiasm for learning.

Thanks to Hanne Wheedon and Jessica DeGroot at the Third Path Institute for all that they do to help us spend time with our loved ones.

Thanks to Tim Ferriss and his 4 Hour Workweek for giving us permission, as well as the tools, to focus on living our lives the way we desire.

Thanks to Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner of Freakonimics for helping us to see the hidden side of life, and connecting it with what we can see.

Thanks to Lyman Read of Creating a Better Life for reminding me to live from the inside out.

Thanks to Alex Blackwell at The Next 45 Years for doing exactly what he states he’s trying to do: “Our purpose is to share meaningful ideas, strategies and stories to improve relationships, sustain happiness and create lasting success for teh next 45 years of our lives and beyond.”

Thanks to Albert, The Urban Monk, for helping us redefine success and to understand and live the meaning of the word ‘bliss’ in our lives.

Thanks to Cindy Goodman of The Work/Life Balancing Act for showing us what work/life balance is all about.

I continue to look for ways to become more fully aware and to complete my life – and this list – as I live day to day. If I’ve forgotten you, please help me to remember.

Thanks to I Will Change Your for including this post in the Personal Stories of Change Blog Carnival, and to Anja Merrett for featuring this in the Blog Carnival of Observations on Life.

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