Career Growing Pains? 5 Signs You May Be in the Wrong Profession

Today’s world is brimming with lifestyle and workstyle choices. Yet how is it so many of us simply settle for the first career we try on?


Here are some clues that you might be due for a change – and how to kick-start the process of career transition.

Indifference. Okay, so we don’t all wake up raring to go to work every single day of our lives. But people who are well placed in their careers generally look forward to and feel satisfied by their jobs. If you find yourself dreading work for weeks or months at a stretch, you may want to hit the pavement or the papers. Take some time and really think it over; what do you want to do this time around?

Stress. Some people thrive on Extreme Careers, but most of us don’t. Steep deadlines, high-pressure situations and constant chaos at the office all lead to high anxiety. A career search might feel like the last thing you want to focus on when everything else is in turmoil… but is it worth sacrificing your home life, peace of mind, and your health? If you’re feeling overwhelmed and sick over work, take a sabbatical. Talk to a coach or career counselor who can start you on the path to a healthier, saner professional life.

Slacking. We all have our sluggish spells… surfing the ‘net when we should be number crunching… taking the occasional liquid lunch instead of making client calls. Sometimes things like a lousy boss or dysfunction among coworkers can make work seem temporarily less palatable. But when Work Avoidance takes priority over everything on your to-do list… it may be time to consider the real reason for your discontent on the job.

Overperforming. Are you the kind who always feels like you have to do the right thing or come out on top? Where some might play the avoidance game at a job that doesn’t suit them, others overcompensate. Maybe you work someplace that’s under-staffed so you constantly cover for others. Or, maybe the job just isn’t a good match for your skills, but you’re determined to cram that square peg into the round hole anyway. Your energy is better spent on tasks that align with your strengths. When was the last time you took stock of your talent and ability?

We all choose careers for various reasons. Some of us follow in our parents’ footsteps. Others go for the money. Most people settle, because they think they have no other choice. While a mediocre or lackluster job will put food on your table, is it worth missing out on a career that you can get really stoked about?

The bottom line is that life is much too short. You have more opportunities to do what you love than ever before. If you don’t make the change now, when will you?

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