Begin the Adventure of Self-Exploration

by David Bohl

It sounds strange to imagine someone not really knowing who they are, what they want, or where they’re going. But it’s not all that uncommon for many people to be pretty clueless about themselves.

Have you ever asked someone what their life passions were, only to have them give you a blank stare? Or do you ever remember being asked to define your purpose in life, only to answer that you didn’t realize you had one?

I think it’s really sad how many of us go through lives being out of touch with the deeper part of ourselves. Oh sure, most of us know what foods we like, what leisure activities we enjoy, and maybe what our favorite color is. But for the most part, so many people muddle through life unconscious of their deepest needs, desires, and gifts.

Of course, there are some who have awakened to the realization that they are more than their physical body, more than their thoughts, and that there’s more to life than what their five senses report to them. However, these folks are the minority, although an ever-growing segment of the population.

If you want to join that group to enrich your life and live fully 100%, consider beginning your own adventure of self-exploration. What do I mean by that? Mostly, I see it as taking time to tune out the outside world, and tune into your inner world. Yes, there is a world inside of each of us, one that I imagine is even vaster than the world outside. As far as we can imagine reaching into outer space, I believe we can reach that far into inner space.

Why would anyone decide to take this journey? What motivates those who seem to be on a continuous self-exploration voyage? I think it boils down to a certain level of dissatisfaction in life. We may set a goal, achieve it, and then find we’re not all done, there are more goals to set and achieve, more “stuff” to acquire.

We always seem to want more, and at some point we realize it’s never enough. Yet, when we delve into that inner world that needs no “stuff” for satisfaction, we may indeed find satisfaction–in just being, rather than doing and having.

The way to begin your self-exploration is by making the decision to do so and then taking the time to embark on the adventure. At first, maybe set aside one hour to start. Ultimately, you will probably want to spend more time on this journey, maybe one hour a day or one day per week or more. Here are some steps you can take on your adventure of self-exploration. Enjoy the journey!

1. Go within.

Some people practice formal meditation, others just sit quietly with eyes closed, for a period of time. The idea is to quiet your mind of the constant barrage of thoughts, and experience a peaceful mind. Experienced meditators report that beyond the mind chatter is the voice of the inner self. When you can listen to your inner self, you will become acquainted with that deeper you–who you are at your core, why you are here, what your highest purpose is.

2. Journal.

After you have quieted your mind for a period of time, open your eyes and write any impressions you have from your journey inside. Did you hear any words of wisdom? Did any of your questions about your life get answered? As you journal on a regular basis, the wisdom you receive will increase, because you will get more and more in touch with this inner part of you.

3. Brainstorm.

You can do this yourself or with close friends or family. Make lists of activities you love, skills you have, values you embrace. Then look for what matters most to you. Doing this will bring you closer to your deeper needs, desires, and purpose. You’ll start to understand what motivates you, what brings you joy, and what you need to do to stay connected to this inner you.

4. Get guidance.

Read a book, work with a guide, take a workshop. Plenty of options are available to direct you on your path to self-exploration. Louise L. Hay, Wayne Dyer, and other popular authors like these have created books and workbooks that show you how to take the journey inside. Do this alone or find a friend or group of people to join you. Find a Meet Up group or contact a local spiritual organization or university.

Whatever path you choose, your adventure of self-exploration will be the greatest adventure of your lifetime.

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