Beat Procrastination by Getting Going

From my article Beating Procrastination is Easy – Once You Get Moving at Dumb Little Man:

istock_000005418674xsmall.jpg“One of the biggest difficulties for most people to overcome is procrastination. We all have things we dread doing, and it is so much easier to come up with excuses not to do those things, or find other more pressing things to take care of, all as a means of avoidance. Then we look at all the time that has been wasted putting off the dreaded task, only to find that it is still sitting there, staring us squarely in the face. Not only did we lose precious time trying to ignore the unpleasant task, but it has since grown even more ominous.

An important aspect of any self improvement program is learning to overcome the fine art of procrastination. Some people are able to casually avoid an unpleasant or difficult chore, while others go to extreme lengths devising outlandish mechanisms for escaping their responsibilities. In many cases, the effort spent avoiding the task far exceeds the amount of effort required to complete it.

As you progress along your path towards self improvement, keep the following things in mind:”

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