Are You Prepared to Change With the Economy?

by David B. Bohl

I know it can be difficult to think about goals when you’re worried about job security and keeping up with expenses. But the real source of most of our problems is FEAR – and the misconception that we are not in control of our own future. Right now, the news headlines are feeding that fear.

Do you know what I do with people who try to stoke my fears and vulnerability? I stop listening to them. Instead, I look inside of my Self for the strength needed to solve the puzzle or reach the goal.

My Term life Insurance policy is with AIG (today’s latest Wall Street casualty). I have been concerned about the safety of this investment for some time. Basic van insurance policies and come with various benefits and limitations such as contents cover, mileage limits and usage restrictions. This will depend on the provider. Rather than worrying about the company, which I have no control over, I took the bull by the horns and have started shopping for a new policy. This has been a gift because I’m finding cheaper premiums than I was paying!

If you don’t like the way the picture of your life is looking, then paint a new picture. Really. It starts with setting a personal mission.

Think about perspectives. Your power to influence an outcome depends on your view of the situation and your role in it.

Many people in America are losing their homes right now. But many other people are seizing the opportunities that come with low interest rates and foreclosures. And they’re grabbing that up and amassing wealth with it. They’re thinking and planning for the long-term.

If you’re worried about layoffs and salary slashes, remember that companies may be cutting back on full-timers, but there is still work that needs to be done to keep those companies afloat. For many types of independent consultants, new doors have swung open and business is booming. How can you begin to see your skill as a solution to be outsourced?

My advice to you is that if the news headlines make you feel overwhelmed and unsettled, don’t pay attention to them. That doesn’t mean putting your head in the sand, no. But right now you need to focus on YOU, your future, and supporting your family if you have one. Right now is the time to stretch outside of your comfort zone, take some personal risks and climb to new heights.

Remember that you ARE in complete control. There is a world of information within your easy reach. There are connections to be made and opportunities abound. The state of the financial world will never change that. If you realize this, you will start to feel GOOD about what’s happening around you – as though the world of possibilities just cracked open!

The real truth is that opportunities are always there – it’s just that we need to train ourselves to look for them in new places.

I know it’s hard to believe, but your success does not hinge on what’s happening with the economy. Not if your actions support YOUR best interests. As a life coach, I’m here to show you how to shift your mindset from one who works for other people, to someone whose every thought, word and action furthers a powerful personal mission.

What do you want? Security? Peace of mind? Wealth? I promise you can make anything happen for yourself once you realize the steps you need to take to cultivate an impactful and enduring presence.

Through the realization of your own strengths, you will be able to create a secure future for YOU -and that will empower you to rise above whatever adverse situations the country or the world may be facing.

I’m not saying that you need to become selfish or self-absorbed to be happy. Quite the contrary. What I’m saying is that before we can help others, we need to help ourselves. Begin to look inward for the answers.

By far the BEST thing you can do in troubling times is to forget what the headlines are saying and instead focus on YOU. You are talented, and you have a wealth of experience. How can you position that talent and experience to create wealth for yourself? I’m ready and excited to help you along the way.

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