Are You Happy? If Not, Here are 25 Ways to Get There

First, in any discussion of happiness, it would seem appropriate to define what it is. I consider happiness to be a state of mind where one thinks predominantly pleasing thoughts and a state of being where one feels predominantly pleasant feelings. I also believe happiness is a choice!

istock_000002324755xsmall.jpgEver notice that there are people who seem happy all the time, and others who never seem to be happy or satisfied with how things are going? There seems to be an intrinsic nature that causes this difference. Those people who are happy see the glass as half full. They’re optimistic, positive, look at mistakes as lessons, and see solutions not problems. If something threatens their happiness, they usually feel their feelings, then deal with the situation.

For those who see the glass as half empty, it’s a different mindset. They wake up on the wrong side of the bed. They are naturally pessimistic, they seem to enjoy their struggles and complain rather than figure out how to fix a situation. I call it being uncomfortable in their comfort zone of doom and gloom. They might have spurts of happiness when something extraordinary happens, but it usually takes a lot to shake them loose from their negative perspective.

Life moves us through various challenges, but it’s how we react to these that separates the happy from the unhappy people. If you are determined to turn your attitude around from sorrowful to sunny, good news! You can follow a blueprint to happiness and change your perspective. Imagine waking in the morning with a smile on your face and saying, “It’s great to be alive.” Imagine smiling at everyone you meet throughout the day. Imagine answering with, “I’m doing great!” when someone asks, “How are you?”

If that doesn’t sound like you, then follow these handy hints to happiness for a brighter future:

1. Take responsibility for your happiness
2. Be around upbeat, happy people
3. Say “NO!” when you really don’t want to do something
4. Become a problem solver
5. Take time to relax and nurture yourself
6. Make a list of fun activities and do at least one/week
7. Journal some reasons you think you’ve been unhappy in the past
8. Find reasons to laugh every day
9. Start and end each day offering gratitude
10. Find opportunities to give to others
11. Take care of your body temple
12. Connect regularly to whatever nurtures you spiritually
13. Figure out your purpose in life
14. Pursue your passions
15. Challenge yourself to stretch beyond your comfort zone
16. Work with a life coach to get support and guidance
17. Handle anything unfinished from the past that is causing distress
18. Create a daily happiness habit like looking in the mirror for one minute and saying, “You’re amazing!”
19. Learn to accept what is and change what you can; don’t resist, deny, or hide from what you can transform
20. Live according to your values; don’t be in conflict with yourself
21. Be a taskmaster to your negative mindset; take control of your thoughts
22. Set exciting goals you can work toward; celebrate your achievements
23. Release your endorphins by singing, dancing, laughing, and exercising
24. Carry positive affirmation cards with you when you need a happiness pick up
25. SMILE, it’s the natural facelift!

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