Adult Adoptees Affected by Chemical Dependency

In collaboration with Adoptees Have Answers ( , David Bohl will facilitate a group named AAABCD – Adult Adoptees Affected by Chemical Dependency.   AAABCD will provide a safe forum for adoptees aged 18 and older who have been affected by chemical dependency, whether suffering with chemical dependency themselves or witnessing a family member or friend ravaged by addiction.  The group will meet at The Recovery Church, 253 State Street, Saint Paul, MN,  in the Doctor Bob Room the second Monday of every month.

David Bohl is a domestic adoptee directly affected by chemical dependency.  He shares the following philosophy with Adoptees Have Answers:  The power of the narrative–sharing one’s story with others – empowers, inspires, and positively affects all of those involved in the dialogue.  For those of you with 12-Step recovery experience, this message clearly translates into “One alcoholic (addict, etc.) helping another.”

The group will affirm 12 Step principles in its support of members, and much emphasis will be placed on acceptance.  Says Bohl: “Accepting ourselves as we are today – truly loving ourselves – is contingent upon giving up all hope for a better past.”

The group is FREE and open to adult adoptees  18 years and older.   The first support group meeting will be held Monday, December 13th, from 7:00 to 8:00 PM.  For additional information, please contact David Bohl.  Or simply stop by – no reservation needed!

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