A Question for Slow Down FAST Readers: Was college the “time of your life”?

My son brought home 9 of his college friends to visit with us for the 4th of July Holiday.


We spent the afternoon of the 4th playing in my in-law’s annual Croquet Tournament.


As I was speaking with a family friend about the spectacle of 7 football players running and dancing around the croquet field, she remarked that it’s great to watch them having so much fun. “After all,” she said, it’s the time of their life.


This got me thinking: Was college the “time of my life?”

I began to think about what made college so fun. I decided that – in its simplest form – it was exciting because I was learning and growing and experimenting and doing new and different things. The whole world was open to me.

Does that mean that my best years are behind me in college? Absolutely not! If I can spend my time, energy, and attention – today – on those things that allow me to learn and grow and experience new things, today is the time of my life.

What do you think? When is/was the time of your life?

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Thanks to Anja Merret for including this article in the Blog Carnival of Observations on Life.

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