6 Signs It’s Time to Move On

freedom.jpgThinking about breaking up with your girlfriend, your job, or even your lifestyle? These 6 indicators can give you insight on whether to stick it out or throw in the towel.

You’re unhappy.

Seems to be a no-brainer, right? And yet, sometimes we’re so used to being unhappy in a job or a relationship that we never even realize there is any other way to feel.

Do you dread Monday morning by the time Sunday rolls around? Do you find that you have nothing positive to say or even think at your meetings during the week? In your personal life, do you choose to go out with friends because you don’t want to be alone with your wife or girlfriend? These are all signs that you need to either figure out how to improve your situation, or work on getting out of whatever you’re stuck in, and creating something new.

You’re bored.

Through the ebbs and flows of life, you can definitely find yourself complacent in your daily routine. Like the changes of the seasons, these periods are worked through as the years go by. In your professional life however, boredom can be a definite sign to look at the other side. When your job not only bores you to tears but also fails to challenge you, it’s more than likely time to reevaluate your career path. There are many rewarding careers out there, and none of them have to leave you feeling like a rat scrambling for the cheese, day in and day out.

You’re stressed out!

“Normal” stress occurs if you’re dealing with a major life change, like sending your daughter to college for the first time. Such things can be managed and dealt with. Real, damaging stress has to do with situations that feel like they’re beyond your control.

For example: let’s say you have a boss who’s never satisfied and seems to undermine you at every turn. It’s getting to the point where you’re sick to your stomach at the thought of facing him each day. Your anxiety is affecting your sleep, which in turn is affecting your performance. You’re becoming the very thing your boss is trying to unjustly pin on you! You need to get some kratom extract in order to get rid of all those bad feelings.

If you’re in a situation like the one I just described, that’s abnormal, unhealthy stress. All signs point to that it’s time to find a position in a different department, or perhaps a new field altogether.

You’re unfulfilled.

When you’re unfulfilled, you’re more than likely also bored. But in addition to a lack of enthusiasm, you may also be feeling that whatever you’re doing now matters little if at all to you or to anyone else. Do you experience emotional lows over the idea that your life’s work has no impact on the greater good? If you’re financially secure, now might be the perfect time to give up that unfulfilling job and go help a third world country! It sounds “out there,” but good people get involved in humanitarian causes every day, and are all the better for it.

You’re overworked and underpaid.

This is something that you can actually verify, instead of just having a vague idea that you could be making more money. Investigate the job boards at your company, to see what the “typical” salary is that’s offered for jobs that are similar, or at least laterally comparable, to yours. Try www.salary.com to get a salary range for your job title in your area–pretty neat! Once you’ve done your research, you can determine whether or now you’re truly slaving away for what you think is too many hours in a day. Then, you can make an empowered career move!

You’re neglecting the important things in your life.

It’s one thing to feel unappreciated, bored or unfulfilled in your career. But when such feelings interfere with the things that you love to do and the people that you love to do them with, there is a definite problem. The most common deathbed regret is not enough quality time spent with loved ones. If you work yourself to the bone to *barely* enjoy that extravagant vacation that you could not take otherwise… well, that’s the choice you choose to make. But what if you could trade some of your “ambitions and acquisitions” for more quality and fulfillment? You may just find, you’re all the richer for it.

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