5 Signs You Need An Accountability Partner

When you were younger you were able to achieve many things because you had to be accountable to people like teachers, parents and coaches. They expected certain things from you, which motivated you to achieve that which you might not otherwise have accomplished if left on your own.

istock_000005671066xsmall.jpgHowever, when we go out on our own, we often fail at reaching goals we set or don’t reach our full potential. This is because we’re not accountable to anyone but ourselves. And let’s face it; sometimes, we can be pretty lousy at motivating ourselves because we too easily let ourselves off the hook when things get tough.

Here are 5 signs you may need an accountability partner to keep you on track with your goals:

1. You habitually start and stop.

Do you get revved up when you set a goal for yourself, pursue it with gusto for a week or two and then let it die? If so, an accountability partner could be the ticket. When you have someone to answer to – someone who is going to hold you to your word – you’re less likely to give up in the middle of something. A good accountability partner won’t let you give up just because the path gets rough. They’ll offer a shoulder to lean on, but will eventually push you back up and on your way.

2. You never get started.

Do you set goals and dreams for yourself, but never act on them? That’s another indication that you need an accountability partner. Many of us have some pretty big ideas about what we’d like to be doing. That’s great – but why not take it a step further and actually plan to do those things? An accountability partner can get you in the habit of setting and achieving goals for yourself.

3. You procrastinate.

Remember when mom would kick you out of the house because she didn’t want you wasting a beautiful day sitting around doing nothing? Well, an accountability partner can help to chase you off the couch so that you can get in some good living while you’re still able. Maybe you’re stuck in a dead-end job and you’ve been putting off looking for something better. Your accountability partner can give you the kick in the pants and the motivation you need to make a change.

4. You settle for less than you should.

There’s a difference between being humble and being a doormat. People who are doormats often feel they have no worth and simply accept the hand they’ve been dealt – even if they have the potential for more. Having someone to be accountable to is a good way to get yourself on the right track to move forward.

5. You’re indecisive.

Sometimes, after we experience failure, we find it difficult to make decisions for fear it’s going to be the wrong one. The result is that we end up paralyzed while opportunities pass us by. An accountability partner can provide you with mentoring and insight that you’ve never had before. They can often see the forest while you’re preoccupied with looking at the trees.

Remember that an accountability partner isn’t there to tell you what to do; they’re there to provide motivation and assistance when needed. This is where a coach can act as a great catalyst for achieving more in your life. It’s great resource to have because, while we may not mind disappointing ourselves, we generally don’t like letting other people down – especially when they’re looking after our best interests.

SlowDownFast.com provides accountability to our clients in the form of one-to-one coaching by phone, email or in person. We also provide self-coaching materials for those who may not be ready to be held accountable but are nevertheless interested in improving themselves. Visit our website for more information – www.SlowDownFast.com.

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