5 Obstacles That Keep You From Reaching Your Goals

From my article The 5 Most Common Obstacles That Keep You From Reaching Your Goals at Dumb Little Man:

istock_000005948711xsmall.jpg“Most people have goals, but lack a good strategy to reach them. They may have their goals loosely decided in their head, or they may have them formally written out on paper or the computer. It’s often said that if you write your goals down, with as much detail as possible, and with clear action steps and dates when you will take the actions, you have a much better chance of achieving success.

Yet, even with your goals clearly defined and written down, you may encounter obstacles on the path to goal achievement. It’s only natural that we will have successes and setbacks on any journey. But how we handle them determines whether we reach our ultimate destination. For example, you might be on a road trip and get a flat tire. Some people might freak out and say it’s a bad sign, they should turn around and go home, it’s not worth anything else going wrong with the car. Others might pick up their cell phone and call the auto club. They’ll sit and read a book while waiting, then pick up where they left off. The difference is their attitude.”

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