4 Myths About Life Balance

Four myths to life balance, those being: Life balance is the solution to chaos, a life in balance will allow me to know where I’m going and how to get there at all times, when a balance is perceived anything to threaten that must be completely erased, and a person with balance must share all their techniques and secrets to that balance with everyone they encounter.  The actual reality to those four myths is: chaos and change is a part of life and there is learning to be had from that chaos, there are so many changes that we can’t possibly know what’s going to happen next, and you don’t have to tell everyone how your life got so “balanced.”  

Following are a few of the many myths about life balance. Overcoming these ways of thinking often takes time, but can be accomplished through simple paradigm shifts. Simply change a few basic, often long-held assumptions, and you’ll be well on your way.

Myth #1: Life balance is the solution to chaos.

Have you ever thought the following? “When my life is in balance, I’ll have more control over all the seemingly uncontrollable things in my life.” Many of us have.

Reality: The fact of the matter is that life doesn’t happen this way. Chaos and change are parts of life. We cannot manage the unmanageable. The sooner we learn how to embrace movement, change, and randomness, and deal with situations and feelings that are confusing to us, the sooner we’ll find safety in learning and growing with all that’s happening in and around us.

Myth #2: A life in balance will allow me to know where I’m going and how to get there at all times.

Reality: There are so many variables in our lives, we can’t possibly know what lies ahead at every turn, nor can we anticipate every twist of fate that we find along our journeys.

The key is to walk through your fears. While leading a balanced life, you may not know where you’re going, but you won’t feel as lost anymore. In addition, you won’t sell your soul – compromise your beliefs and values – to deal with the opportunities and challenges that come your way.

Myth #3: When a balanced life is achieved, anything that is perceived to threaten that delicate balance must be extinguished immediately.

Reality: Often times acting in haste can complicate things even further. Balance is not a static thing – it’s dynamic. It changes over time and at different periods in one’s lifetime. Learning, growing, and expanding one’s limits are integral to balance, not remaining stagnant.

Myth #4: A person whose life is in balance should share his/her techniques, strategies, and philosophies with everybody that person encounters.

Reality: Almost nobody likes being evangelized. It won’t do you ant good to show off your perfect life – not in business by posting “I’m out of the office enjoying a balanced life in Tahiti” away messages on your email server or social networks – nor in your personal life by constantly reminding friends how great things are for you. Life balance self-esteem is all about doing the next right thing and not feeling that you need to “go public” with every accomplishment and revelation you have along the way.

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