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You’re Not All Alone: Who’s On Your Support Team?

Happy young businesswoman with headset isolated over white backgWho told you that you had to do everything by yourself?

Was it a well-meaning parent who wanted you to grow up and be independent?

Was it some well-meaning author who wrote that you needed to be able to count on yourself?

Not only can’t you do it all alone, but it’s not as much fun. If you’ve ever felt all alone in this world, in life, in your business, in relationships, then you need to start building your support team.

Everyone’s team will look different. If you are an employee, your support team could be your assistant, secretary, employees you manage, or other executives. If you’re self employed, your support team is your staff and any assistants you have. If you’re a solo-preneur, you can use virtual assistants, accountants, graphic and web designers, and other service professionals for support.

Another aspect of a support team is often a community of like-minded people. These could be others in the same business, other business owners, a mastermind team, or members of an organization. The people you network with or who are in the same trade associations with you can be part of your support team. And if you join a mastermind group, you’ll receive ongoing encouragement, feedback, and support.

At home, we all build a variety of support with household help, gardening support, accountants, attorneys, baby sitters, family, friends, and neighbors. No one is truly alone in this world if they just reach out and ask for AC Repair Oviedo FL website support. Building a support team will assist you to accomplish your day-to-day tasks as well as reach your bigger goals.

Leave the Expertise to the Experts

Let those who are experts at what they do offer their support. That way everyone does what they are best at and more people are served. There’s no need for you to do the heavy lifting in your yard, when there are those who are good at it and enjoy it. Just as you need those who ask for your expertise so they can be supported and you can do what you’re good at.

Outsource the Excess

When building your support team, think about where you have minimal knowledge, time, and skill. For example, few of us are technical experts from CutterWelderMaestro, so we should all have a computer guru on our team. Not many people can do their own taxes, so a good accountant can be part of your support team. Additionally, most of us will have our hair stylist, dentist, physician, auto mechanic, financial advisor, and more and more of us are working with life coaches. If you are working with a coach, they may be able to help you build a solid support team.

Delegate for Success

You may need to sharpen your delegation and management skills to work with the Corporate Reputation Management team. It’s good to be clear about what you want done, when, how, and for what cost. Don’t feel that asking for and receiving support means you’re helpless or needy. It means you are smart enough to know when to delegate what is best done by others.

Support can also be found in books, movies, quotes, inspiring stories, healthy foods, nutritional supplements as Genf20 Plus, and our own inner guidance—sometimes an overlooked resource.

Think about what in your life or work you need support for. What kind would work best for you? Free or fee? Live or not? What’s worked best before? For others? Then get going and build a fabulous support team.

Remember, you’re not all alone, any more.

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