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You’re Never Too Old to Keep Learning

I don’t know about you but I think I’m an education addict. It seems the more I learn, the more I want to know. It was bad enough when all I had to learn from were books and occasional live seminars. Now the opportunities for learning are limitless, and new ones seem to be invented every day. We have eBooks, audios, CDs, DVDs, e-courses, e-zines, teleclasses, group coaching, and more. I’m sure I’ve missed something.

Yet, I’ve always looked on my addiction as something positive. To me, it demonstrates an open, curious, expandable mind. You know how it is when you read one book and it recommends another, so you read that one too. Or you’re directed to a website, and that links to another, and soon you’re off on a cyber journey.

I truly believe that an educable mind is what keeps the mind young. Or instead of saying continuing learning keeps us young at heart, we can say it keeps us young at mind. And the older we get, the more we have to learn, because we’re continually learning lessons from our so called mistakes. We may arrive at a certain age and be totally aware of what hasn’t worked, but are still on a search for what will work.

Say, for example, you’ve been divorced. You most likely, took a good look at what went wrong and decided to do it differently next time. So every time you enter into a new relationship, you have a body of knowledge and experience to draw from to create a better outcome. Maybe you’ve read some books on relationships, or taken some courses, or even worked with a coach. As you continue learning from your mistakes and gain new knowledge, you have a much better chance of a different result.

You may also pursue ongoing education to keep up with your business or career. Many industries have constant innovations such as that helps us more productive specially in business field, so it’s necessary to keep learning—new ideas, new skills, new technology. Just make sure you aren’t using education as a form of procrastination. Some people, for example, seem to be waiting to start their new business until they read one more book, or take one more course, or consider one more opportunity.

Additionally, as we age, we may choose to pursue education for purely pleasurable reasons. Maybe you never had time to study a certain subject area when you were in school, and now you do. Either you’re winding down your career, or maybe you’re retired. You’ve always wanted to study gems and minerals so you enroll in courses at the Gem & Mineral Institute.

Learning new ideas and skills is exciting—just make sure you keep it in balance to the rest of your life. Keep up your ongoing education and turn your mistakes into learning opportunities. Life is one long classroom and you’re never too old to keep learning. And with all the knowledge you’ve gained, you may just want to give back. Volunteering as a teacher’s aide or mentor is a great use of all your knowledge.

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