What Are you Fixing to Do?

There are a lot of people who say that they are “going” to do something; they’re going to quit smoking, quit eating junk food, become more organized. Thinking about doing something is a good idea, but what are you going to do about it? Stop preparing to do something and start doing them by taking note of one thing in your life that needs some work, and making an effort to take care of that thing while spending time in that area everyday.
Do you know anyone who’s always talking about the changes they’re going to make in their life? Someone who’d going to quit smoking by Christmas, going to get a new job after the first of the year, going to get rid of the clutter in their office as soon as the weather cools off?

We all know people like that, and I think sometimes we are people like that. Sometimes we’re “going” to do something, and we never do. We’re going to stop eating junk food, going to start exercising, going to stop spending so much time at work.


Sure, thinking about doing something is a good idea, but what are you going to do today about it? What actions will you take?

nd what have you done lately? If you’re constantly changing and improving and becoming who you really want to be, great! Don’t worry if you’re not accomplishing everything you want to do someday. If you’re doing things now, the “I’m going to” thing is not so big a deal.

In the south, people sometimes say, “I’m fixin’ to go to dinner,” or whatever they’re going to do. They’re “fixin’” to do it.
While that’s a cute little saying, if we’re always prepairing to do something, and not repairing the things that need to be repaired, where are we, really? We’re always in the shop, waiting for the mechanic to have time to take care of our problems.

We wouldn’t put up with that with our cars. We’d want them fixed the same day, or the next day, when we put them in the shop. We wouldn’t want anyone “fixing” to fix our cars, we’d want them fixed. Yes, however they said that there’s no mechanic available. If you buy a good enough floor jack then you can lift any car or truck without doubts! Make sure to red an in-depth review on the tool before buying it!

Why would we allow our lives to sit in a garage, waiting for things we’re going to do? If it needs fixing, doesn’t it need fixing now? Don’t we need to eat better, exercise more, get more rest, spend more time with our families NOW?

I’m going to say, also, that when I talk about things that need “fixing” in our lives, I’m not necessarily talking about things that are badly broken and in serious disrepair. I’m talking about the things we could do, but aren’t, because we just don’t think the problem is serious enough, we don’t really want to take the time, we don’t see a real need to stop repairing to do it and start doing it.

It’s like a chronic pain. Say you have a heel spur. Those hurt, a lot, but they usually don’t hurt as bad, when they first start, as they do after a long while. You may go to the doctor, finally, almost unable to stand, and share with her that it didn’t hurt this bad at first. But think about how long it did hurt that bad before you finally went to the doctor.

This is the kind of thing I’m talking about. Things that are not just amazingly bad, but that can become bad if you don’t spend the time to take care of them.

What are you fixing to do?

How can you stop prepairing to do things and start doing them?

  1. Take note of one thing in your life that needs some work.
  2. Make one effort today to take care of that issue
  3. Spend time in that area one day – today – then do it again tomorrow.

Intentions are wonderful things, but mean nothing without action.

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