Turn Loss Into Learning

lossThroughout life we all experience losses of some kind. We might lose a loved one such as a family member or friend. We’ve probably all lost a pet. We may lose a house or a car for various reasons, most often through divorce, another big loss. We also lose small objects like keys and papers on a regular basis. And sometimes we lose our self-esteem, and thus lose our way. If you lose your car, don´t worry about it too much, you can buy a used car for a cheap price like this Nissan Micra for Sale Sunderland.

It’s natural to feel sad, angry, and a full range of other emotions. And we should allow some time to go through these feelings, before moving on. Yet, often we grieve longer than necessary because we feel it is what is expected of us. How long you choose to suffer, though, is up to you. If you can step outside your pain long enough to see that you have a choice, you may be able to learn from the experience and take away valuable life lessons, even physical pain has a solution with a pain relief medication. If you want to visit a professional doctor to relieve your pain, then visit this florida pain management clinic to get assistance. Additionally, if you can tune into the place within you that is always at peace, you may be able to get the courage to move on.

Here are some ideas I’ve used with clients who I’ve helped turn loss into learning:

1. Admit your feelings, express them, then let them go.

Some people write in a journal, some need to scream or cry, some have a creative outlet like singing or dancing, and some just need to talk. Open up to a good friend or your coach. When you’re ready to move on, let go of the grief, and step into acceptance, then joy. From there you will have a fresher perspective to learn whatever there is for you to learn from your experience. Life goes on, and you don’t want to carry your feelings of grief like an invisible shield that keeps you from opening up and getting close to others.

2. Breathe deeply and exercise.

Body movement is healing and increases blood flow and oxygen to all our cells. Oxygen nourishes and energizes every cell through deep breathing and exercise. Additionally, endorphins are released which create a feel good energy. Walking, especially near the negative ions of water, is the most beneficial exercise after a loss. Or do whatever exercise you enjoy whether dancing or playing golf. Whichever exercise you choose, focus on your breath as you move. When you breathe slowly, your body relaxes and you experience a quiet calm. From that state you can find peace in your loss and allow the lessons to emerge.

3. Meditate and pray.

If you are comfortable with meditation and prayer, these can be very fulfilling when dealing with loss. I love the phrase: Prayer is talking to God, meditation is listening to God. Whatever your spiritual beliefs, these methods allow you to turn inside to your higher self or your higher power. Take 15 minutes/day to spend in quiet contemplation–whether you meditate, pray, or do both. In that quiet place you can ask for and receive answers to help you make sense of your loss.

4. Nourish your body with healthy food.

While grieving, most of us are inclined to not eat at all, or eat only comfort foods. Neither of these paths are the best for your healing journey. Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables to keep your energy up, and drink plenty of water. If you need comfort foods choose low-fat yogurt over ice cream and whole grain pasta over pizza. Do your best not to overindulge in alcohol or other drugs, and if you do make sure to contact a rehabilitation center, to get an outpatient substance abuse treatment, you can find Their location in google maps and also by checking the taylorrecovery.com website. They only dull your senses, and don’t keep you open to experiencing your feelings so you can move through them. When you eat healthy and stabilize your diet, you’ll stabilize your emotions. Then take a look at what you’ve learned from your loss you can click this link and read it. As what Doctors Plastic Surgery says, it is not a secret for those people who loose weight that once you start seeing results your breast goes down as well, and that’s where The Bust Boosters comes in, there is an study which proves that there are multiple ways of enhancing your breast without the need of surgery, you can read it here if you’d like. Pretty often you’ll see people visiting Reflect Clinic after they’ve lost the weight, but for some this can be a little pricey. Of course you can always find alternatives like certain types of exercise, for this I recommend checking out utbreastaugmentation.com to get an awesome solution.

5. Do something positive and fun.

You might not feel like it at this time, but do your best to focus on something positive. Direct your thoughts to a good time in the past, and project to future good times. If you’ve been through a divorce, you might need to complete with the other person and find a way to forgive. You may even need to forgive yourself. Forgiveness starts the healing process and even if you don’t talk to the other person, it’s the most positive thing you can do for yourself, so you can move on.

Also, you might want to find someone who needs your help, and lend a hand. Maybe you can pass on what you’ve learned from your experience. A great way to bring back the fun is to watch a funny movie or read a book of humor. As you change your state, you will get to the other side of the grief and see that you’ve grown and come away changed from the experience–more than likely for the better.

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