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Take a Break … Quiet Your Mind

The following topic was derived from a question from one of the attendees of a workshop I conducted last Friday. Thank you (and you know who you are) for inspiring me to write this article. I hope all of you find it of value.

istock_000005466016xsmall.jpgI don’t know about you, but if you’re like most people you’re probably juggling a lot of balls at once and living a full but crowded life. And like most people, a busy life usually means a busy mind. Our minds are jam-packed with our long list of actions we need to do, information we take in every day, and past data popping up to help or hinder us in our present day activities.

All of this inner and outer chaos often leads to stress and illness. And much of this busyness of action and thought becomes a pattern or habit that is difficult to break. We almost look for things to do rather than experience the odd sensation of doing nothing — or just being. I often think we are more human doings than human beings.

As we’ve learned from the Law of Attraction, The Secret, and current scientific research, we need to take control of our thoughts if we want to create certain results in our lives. But when our minds are so crowded with their continual chatter, how can we ever harness that power?

Because the world outside us is so much more visible than the one within us, most people turn to something outside themselves for solutions. They look to friends, coaches, the Internet, books, tapes, seminars, and more for guidance. All of this adds value, but there’s also more that can be gained by looking within. Although it seems like a mysterious place to some, for thousands of years, wise beings have pointed to the being within to find the answers, to find the peace, to find the quiet mind.

Why, you may ask, do I really want to quiet my mind? Well for one, as the Law of Attraction states, when your mind is focused, you will be more successful at creating results in your outer world. Yet, there is an even richer reward awaiting those who take the time, learn the tools, and apply the methods to quieting the mind. The world within us is a vast, mostly unexplored universe of knowledge, wisdom, and connection to more than our own storehouse of knowledge. Learn to tap into your own inner guidance or intuition, you will have more resources from which to draw and live a fuller life. Beyond that, there are connections to the universal mind and more wisdom.

Here are some tools from which you can choose to start quieting your mind, so you can harness its power and reap the rewards:

1. Practice silence. There are many ways to be in silence and you will find the one that works best for you. Some are meditation, deep breathing, mindfulness, listening.

2. Practice focus. Focusing on one thing can help still the mind chatter. Experiment with visualization, staring at a candle or mandala, chanting, contemplation.

3. Practice words. The right words can bring your out-of-control mind into a calmer state. Use prayer, affirmation, mantras, journaling, automatic writing.

4. Practice knowledge. The inspiration of others who have achieved a quiet mind may offer a model or guidance to get control of your own mind. Read spiritual writings, biographies of spiritual leaders, take classes, listen to tapes, watch videos.

5. Practice partners. Having support in your quest for a quiet mind can help your process. Find a partner for this journey, watch children at play alone, sit with your pet, talk to a minister or coach.

6. Practice physically. The body is often the entry way into the mind. Get some bodywork like massage or energy work, get emotional release work, eat healthy food, exercise, do yoga, and remember to BREATHE!

Enjoy the journey to your quiet mind. You won’t be disappointed!

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