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Just Breathe…

I’m sure you’ve heard all about breathing and how it’s contributing to bringing back people’s sanity—especially those of us who have suffered from trauma, stress,

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You Are Not Alone

Having worked in addiction services for so many years, I know that one of the crucial aspects of solid recovery is how much support a

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Psychology Today Membership

Psychology Today verifies credentials and maintains a  database of detailed listings for mental health professionals. Interested in finding out more about the services I offer? 

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The World Post-AA

Are you doomed to a relapse once you leave the rooms of Alcoholics Anonymous? No. You are not. Trust me on this—I know of many

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What’s in a Name?

As someone who mostly eschews labels, I am more and more perplexed by our ability to slap those things onto others and ourselves so eagerly—well

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