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Support Services for SFOs (Individuals Separated from Family of Origin)

Independent Separation and Relinquishment Support Services

Separation and Relinquishment experiences are complicated and complex issues that affect thousands of individuals. When it comes to separation, there are a magnitude of risks and factors at play— childhood adversity playing out in adult life, developmental traumas, mental health issues such as chronic stress, increases in substance use disorders, unresolved grief (and, sadly, many others) — that need urgent and educated attending to. Yet, there’s still a lack of awareness of the special and unmet needs of relinquished persons and their families, both within and outside the adoption community.

David B. Bohl and Beacon Confidential specialize in helping individuals overcome these challenges.

What groups of people are affected by Separation from Family of Origin (SFO)?  SFOs include:

  • Orphans – a person without living parents to care for them.
  • Relinquishees – individuals who have been given up or abandoned, whether voluntarily or involuntarily.
  • Adoptees – individuals who have become the legal child of parents that are not the child’s biological or genetic parents or first parents.
  • Fostered Individuals – people placed in temporary services provided by States for children who cannot live with their families.
  • Donor Conceived Individuals – a person who was conceived with a donor egg and/or sperm, or embryo.
  • MPEs –misattributed paternal event or misattributed parentage. Someone has a misattributed parentage experience (MPE) when they discover one, or both, of the parents who raised them, is not their genetic parent.
  • Boarding School Students – typically minor children who reside in school residential facilities while attending structured programming.

Relinquishment Consulting offers in-depth, non-therapeutic, private consultations with David B. Bohl on any and all of the issues specific to you and/or your family.

  • In-person available as indicated (with additional travel costs)
  • Zoom
  • Video Chat
  • Phone

Please note, David does not provide therapeutic services but rather coaching sessions. He is a solution-oriented, intuitive professional who will take his time to listen, asses, and come up with a plan to best help you. These services are offered to both individuals as well as families (or a combination of the two).

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