SOHO BizTube Column: If the Economy is on the Downturn is Life on the Upswing?

I’ve become a featured expert on SOHO Biz Tube, a new online publication and network. I write about balance in a column titled “Last We Met.”

Here’s SOHO Biz Tube’s mission:

“To provide growing businesses, nationwide with affordable, yet effective marketing, PR and advertising tools and resources to Profile, Position and Promote their growing businesses while enhancing their products, services and strengthening their brand before their clients and prospects.”


From my article If the Economy is on the Downturn, is Life on the Upswing?

“Have you ever noticed that the more money, success, and material wealth you seem to accumulate, the more you invite complication into your life?

For Americans, having and maintaining wealth often requires matching your pace to the frenzy of jam-packed subways, elevators, airport terminals and conference rooms. It means fighting a daily battle against Blackberry-wielding execs who swarm the city streets, shops and subways. It often requires working through lunch and weekends, partying until all hours on a school night… and somewhere in there being expected to have something left over for your wife and kids. (I know, because this used to be My Life in a nutshell.)

Complication can be fun, as in “Look at me, I’ve got all of this drama happening!”

But after a while, you realize that game gets old fast. And you realize that *living* really isn’t about having the nicest car, staying at the most expensive hotel, sporting the biggest rock on your finger or being the highest bidder. And you start to wonder if you mind so much that the American economy is taking a downturn.

Quality of life means different things to different people.”

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