Sharing What We Covered Last Night

I wanted to send out a note of thanks to everyone who joined me for last night’s teleseminar,

“How the Average American Can Weather the Financial Crisis Without Becoming Emotionally Overwhelmed.”

I got some GREAT feedback and am feeling really good about what was presented!

I’m especially feeling good about what everybody took from the call.

That’s because I truly believe that now is the time to ACT… not just sit around in a state of paralysis over the news reports.

I want people to remember that life goes on no matter what the Dow Jones is doing. When a major crisis like what we’re seeing with the economy happens, know that it’s NOT about self preservation. It’s about self assertion!

Getting out and taking action. Making plans and following through on them. Creating a better life for you and your family. Doing it YOUR way.

As a gift of thanks for being a Slow Down Fast reader, I’d like to offer you a FREE instant replay of what was presented during last night’s teleseminar. You’ll find a link to the entire audio recording right here:

Note: On this call, I reveal some truths about myself in my “past life” that I normally don’t share with people whom I’ve just met.

But as I was planning the seminar, I started thinking that it was MORE important to share my story with people who might be able to relate to it than it was to worry about possibly being judged.

If you’re working on light tasks today, why not turn up your speakers and listen in for free

Also: please DO share your own thoughts about how we can all “weather the financial crisis together” – and maybe even come out better people in the end!

Email me  or leave a comment below. I’d love to hear your views on what’s happening in the world today.


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