Separation from family of origin, adoption, and relinquishment support from Beacon Confidential

Separation from family of origin, adoption, and relinquishment can be complex and traumatic experiences, leading to mental health issues like chronic stress, substance abuse disorders, and unresolved grief.

Despite the thousands of people affected by these issues, there is still a lack of awareness of the unique needs of relinquished and separated persons and their families, both within and outside the adoption community.

David B. Bohl offers independent separation, relinquishment, and adoption support services in a judgment-free, non-clinical setting. With his personal experience and professional expertise, he helps clients overcome and thrive in their healing journey. He focuses on a solution-based approach, addressing issues such as redefining relinquishment, developmental trauma, grief, addiction, relationships, family dynamics, and more. His promise is to keep the recovery practical, authentic, and life-affirming.

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