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Haley Radke of Adoptees On is a fellow adoptee who has been creating lively and informative podcast dialogues for adoptees for years.  This from the Adoptees On Facebook page:

“Adult adoptees share their stories of search, reunion, and secondary rejection. Adoptees On also curates recommended resources to encourage and educate.”

The Adoptees On Website includes a search feature whereby a search for the term “addiction” yields a myriad of podcasts, including (amongst many others):

93 [S5] David – “Today author David B. Bohl, an independent addiction consultant and licensed clinical substance abuse counsellor, is here to share his story with us. David and I discuss his experiences of alcohol addiction and sobriety, how our lives as adoptees are so much more than just our adoption experience, and what is working right now in the recovery field.”

11 [S1 E11] Pamela – “We talk with Pamela Karanova of Adoptee in Recovery, a fellow adoptee who’ll be sharing her story with us. We talk about her search, a brief reunion, her struggle with alcohol addiction and recovery, and some surprising connections she’s made with extended bio family members through DNA testing. We also discuss some issues about Christianity and adoption.”

94 [S5] Sophia – “Sophia and I discuss her journey of sobriety, reunion, and years of experience building healthy boundaries. After a whirlwind reunion, Sophia and her first father developed a very deep connection, and one of the ways they bonded was through an understanding of addiction and recovery, and what it took for both of them to hold on to their sobriety. Sophia also gives us some wise advice about navigating the reunion relationship when a first parent is in active addiction.”

140 Kevin BarhydtKevin Barhydt shares that it wasn’t until unpacking the multiple traumas of his addiction and childhood sexual abuse, that he uncovered adoption trauma that was there since his relinquishment. Kevin and I also talk about how community support has helped him thrive and grow.

Listen to other Adoptees On podcasts with adult adoptees experiencing addiction here.


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