Personal Development: What’s Your Dream?

Everyone has a dream, something they want to accomplish, that they fantasize about.  There are things that we can be doing to start living our dream now.  Figure out what your dream is, what you can be doing to start making that dream come true today, what would it take for you to live your dream, and if you can do this now.

Priscilla Palmer of directed me to Neil Sattin’s Reveal Your Dream: A Personal Development Challenge. Here’s my addition:

About 25 years ago there was a pretty bad movie called Angel, about a young woman working the streets in Hollywood. As I recall, it had a kind of vigilante theme. The main thing I remember is that it was really awful. But there was a character who kept showing up, an old man standing on a corner calling out, “Everyone comes to Hollywood got a dream. What’s your dream?”

Okay, that’s the only thing you need to know about that movie. It does make a nice setup, though, for what I want to say.

Everyone’s got a dream, whether they go to Hollywood or not. Everyone has something they long to accomplish, something that they fantasize about when they’re just daydreaming and there’s nothing much going on and they’re wishing they could be somewhere and somewhen else.


So what’s your dream? For some people the dream is fame, for some it’s money, for some it’s freedom from some situation.

I’d like to put forth the proposition that we can live our dream now, that we’re not required to “reach” our goal before we start feeling we’re in the dream.

Let’s take an example. You dream of writing a book. Included in that dream may be the idea of going on Oprah, doing a big author tour, and having lots of fans.

If you start writing your book now, maybe you won’t be on Oprah right now. Maybe you never will. But is the dream about Oprah, or is the dream being an author?

If the dream is really being an author, then get started on it now. Start living the dream of being a writer, instead of just dreaming about it.

This works for any dream, by the way. There are always things we can be doing to start living our dream, instead of just thinking about “someday, when.”

I don’t want to sound like you shouldn’t have dreams, or like you should have achieved your dreams by now. What I’m saying is just that we can be in our dreams much earlier than the point we may think of as “achieving the dream.”

My point here is just this: What’s your dream? What can you do to start making that dream come true today? What would it take for you to live your dream? Can you do it now? I think in most cases we can. I think in many instances we can start living in our dreams while we’re dreaming them, because most dreams are so complex and so interwoven with other things that we can almost always find a way to live at least partially in our dreams.

I think it’s not so much a matter of waiting for or even working for our dreams to come true, but living in our dreams right now, this instance.

What’s my dream? Simple: To always feel that I have enough – right now.

How can you begin to live in your dream today?

  • First, what’s your dream? What would you consider “the dream”, above all else?
  • What one thing could you do today that would help you live in your dream?
  • Do that one thing. Today.

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